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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Rust Task

Fast Rust Task

Walt: Write something that is about rust.
Work on this Doc together with a partner.

What 3 ingredients are needed for rust to occur.

Write a brief paragraph explaining the rusting process (why rusting occurs)
Metal can rust just by leaving it there. Do you want to know why it has rust? Well we have a new and shiny piece of metal and I do nothing with it. If the sun is hot it can reach the metal and burn the metal and the metal with rust. So that is a chemical change and that is how it rust the steel. 2. The iron surface of the nail reacts

with the oxygen mixed in the

water. It forms iron oxide.

3. Iron oxide reacts with the water.

It forms hydrated iron oxide –

the red stuff we call “rust”.

4. This process continues until

all the iron is eaten up.

How could you prevent something from rusting?
You can paint it with any kind of paint that you have or buy

You can put oil on it to prevent it from rusting

You can also spray on wax to prevent it from also rusting and keep it out of the water out of oxigen if you can and salt so it doesn't rust again

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading.
That how rust can eat steel and rust is also stronger than steel but can crumble if you touch it .And also did you know that rust comes from water that hits the steel it start’s to rust  

Friday, 18 November 2016


Hi this is my work about Matter.Matter is everything that's around you.

Friday, 4 November 2016

science method

Title -
Purpose: What do you want to learn/find out?
Which type of sugar will dissolve the fastest ? White sugar or Brown sugar ? Which type of sugar will dissolve the fastest ? White sugar or Brown sugar ?

Hypothesis: Try to predict the answer to the problem. Another term for hypothesis is ‘educated guess’. This is usually stated like ” If I…(do something) then…(this will occur)

Materials: List everything you will need to conduct your experiment.
Hot water and brown sugar and white sugar

Experiment procedure: The fun part! Design a test or procedure to confirm or disprove your hypothesis. Write down each step so that someone else could do the same experiment.
  1. We poured 1 little packet of white sugar into hot water ( cup ).
  2. We time how long would it take to dissolve
  3. The we did Brown sugar poured that into hot water ( cup )
  4. Then again we waited to see how long would it take
  5. It finally came down to 5. 53 seconds ( Brown sugar ). Then the White sugar took 7. 49 seconds long.  

Analysis/Data: Record what happened during the experiment.
We pour a little bit of hot water into the sugar. Our first test was the brown sugar would dissolve pretty fast and it did. Then the White sugar

Conclusion:Review the data and check to see if your hypothesis was correct.
The fastest sugar that dissolved the fastest was Brown sugar. The with sugar was slow at dissolving 1.93 seconds may not sound that slow but I didn’t expect it to be slower than the brown sugar