Monday, 19 October 2015

Wesley holiday highlight.

Walt: Recount our favourite part about the Holidays
Introduction:In the holidays I went to Samoa to see my grandmother.I was born in Savai'I because that where my mum lives.

In Savai’I  I saw my cousin BJ. BJ was doing his training before his tournament.When he saw me he said “Talofa lava Wesley,how are you?” I replied malo wiafafeitae.

In the first week I went to BJ’s rugby tournament against the other team’s the score was 2 10.Then after that we go to Mcdonald's. I drank a big frozen coke it was so hot.

Then we were going to Australia to see my auntie Alisa.

In ozzy I stayed at my auntie’s house with my cousins their names are Joe And Futa. We were playing on joe's xboxs 360 the game that we was playing saint’s row the third it was cool we get to do cheats. The first mission was killing the cops.

When I was in Australia my auntie took me to burger king I had hot chips and a burger.It was yum my favourite burger was the bomb.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Wesley Takapu

Walt: Use the text to help us accurately answer questions

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Wesley takapu

Walt: Use the text to help us accurately answer questions.Today marmite was learning about takapu.Takapu is a type of bird that holds there wings close to there body.So that they can dive into the water.