Thursday, 30 April 2015

My weekend writing

Start here:
Hi my name is Wesley on ANZAC weekend my auntie at Australia send us some tickets to go to the movies.The movies that I went was at Auckland city the movie that I watch was Avenger Age of Ultron I eat some popcorn and coke.
At the movies I was playing the games the game that I was playing was basketball I was vs my dad He got 12 shots and I got 14 shots.Then we buy us some chocolate Then when we came back I played my Xbox 360 I played saints rows the third.When I finished  playing my game I was watching TV.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wesley holiday highlight

WALT: write a recount about my school holiday  using effective paragraphs
Start your writing here:
In the Holiday I Went to the holiday programme to have fun. On Wednesday the holiday programme people went to the museum.We look at the fish and sharks.And we looked at the volcano house we went inside the house.The volcano house was my favourite because the ground will shake.

Then on Thursday we had a quiet day to play games we get to
played at the park and we can play kicks or we can relax.I was relaxing on the chair sleeping.Then on Friday we went to the Parakai pools we have morning tea and lunchtime then went to the water slide.

Then when it was Saturday I played my Xbox 360.I was playing call of duty black ops zombies when I finished we went to McDonald I had big mac and frozen coke.Then on Sunday I went to church it takes one hour then it was finished when I got back home I watch the X factor.     


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Year five and six camp

Walt: Recount our experiences of our time at Camp

Start writing here:
Have you been to camp before? Last week the year 5 and 6 went to camp.

The teams were Honest Squad,The Real DeaLZ,All stars,Matapono E, the commitments,and True crew
On Tuesday,
the Honest squad had to do their practice  with Miss Lavakula.

then on thursday the Honest squad went  kayaking.

Mrs Garden and Mr Burt  was telling the groups the to be safety on the beach how to get on the kayaking this how you go on the kaya foot bum foot.On friday all of the teams went to the pool.