Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wesley boy on bike

HI this is my work about the boy name Max.He is trying to raise money to share with St John to buy more ambulance,and he is so serious about it.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Hi this is my brainstorm about Nesion fusion the performance.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The eagle assassin

                            The Eagle Assassin
Once upon a time There was a boy named Ramon,And his friend Jack They were going to Mexico to see his family, to have some fun. Ramon said “here’s my family”  said Ramon to Jack. They went to a shop and Ramon said “here have some chilli” said Jack took one, he took a bite. Blazing asteroid! “it is hot in my mouth.” He ran to get a bottle of water and drank it all up. After A wild Ramon went to Jack to show him where he got lost when he was little boy.

“Hey what are we doing in the middle of the desert Ramon?”
“We're here to see the eagle of assassins that’s why”, ok said Jack “So where is it?” “up there where the cliff is”.I’m not going up there” said Jack,’All come on man grow up Ramon said trying to act like a man.Let’s go one hour later they finally got to it.‘Are yes we’re here it clear,look it’s the nest’.They went to see the eggs when the Eagle of assassin was gone.

Ramon took two he gave Jack one “Ramon why are we stealing eggs”.Said Jack then the eagle came back,it saw Ramon and Jack stealing it egg away from the nest.It dive down to get Ramon and Jack Ramon look back “Run!.Squa! they went back to the nest put back the egg and ran away.”Man that was crazy”said Jack, “I know right” Ramon said.


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The hawks dark side

The hawks dark side
Once upon a time there was a boy called Chris he somehow loved birds. One day he went to the Bird show and said to mum I would like a bird. but mum never bought him one. Chris kept on begging his parents for a bird but they never bought him one.

A long time ago  there was a young boy called Chris he somehow loved playing with birds. One hot and cloudy day he went to A Bird fair. Later that afternoon I said to MumI would like a bird. but mum never bought me one. Chris kept on begging his parents for a bird but they never bought him one.

One night he had dreamed of having a bird that was attacking him,it was a hawk. The bird had a long wingspan, Eyes like a angry Hungry eagle descending and zooming through the sky as the breeze was passing by. He had sharp feathers and a long beak trying to attack him on his leg. Suddenly he woke up saying “ It was just a dream” then he saw a hungry parrot that had flown in from the window. he grabbed him but suddenly the bird started to chase him around his room.

Later that Night Chris saw a cage lying around from the bird show. He quickly grabbed it and put the hungry parrot in the cage.Then gave him food and some water. Later that morning Chris had gone to the kitchen where mum was getting breakfast ready “ where did you get the parrot from” Chris replied “ I had found it on my window seal”.

After school Chris asked his mum if we could keep the Parrot He begged his mum that he would take care of it for the rest have his life. Then mum had to think for a while. mum had agreed with him keeping the parrot so he did. For almost 2 months he has kept him safe and healthy.

After 1 whole year Chris has been happy but today he was not because his 1 and only parrot had died from drinking dishwashing liquid Chris was feeling really sad. Later that night his mum said it will be alright you will get used to it. After 2 years he had never came back to talking about his parrot.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Aspiring leadership 7

Hi This is the Aspiring leadership 7 This the cafe team I'm in it as you can see,If you see kid who's doing the butter it's me and that Owen.We were making cookies for the people who has white stickers and for the blues.

My long Holiday

In my long holiday me and my cousin Carlos was playing on the play station 4 we were playing black ops 3 zombies it was terrible on round 101,to much zombies coming .Carlos  said “get out off that corner Stupid!”,but I said”no way I want to survived” then I died because Carlos didn’t revive me and then I have to specting thanks to him I died.Then I respond back I still got my thunder gun and my ray gun mark 2.Carlos died and he told me “Revive me please”,but I said “no way man you didn’t revive me on 101 round”.

One morning Carlos was playing on the game without me,but I played on my chrome book I was playing centipede the game I survived 13 rounds before that.Carlos mum came she tickets to the movies to watch Ice age 5 I liked Sid because he an idiot just like the two brothers crash and Eddie.