Thursday, 10 December 2015

survivors animation.

This is my animation of a snake living in a desert.

Wesleyadaptation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Wesley end of yea reflection.

This year I was in Mr goodwin home class 6.We had 3 teachers and that included Mr Somerville and Miss Lavakula in the first year it was fun.

My favourite  subject about reading is finishing our reading activities.I like about reading is reading book’s and going on the mat.My other favourite about literacy is going on reading eggs and elearning.

This year I enjoy writing because we get to write anything that we go on trips.Writing is so fun you can imagine that you're outta space that way cool.

I like maths the most because we learn about our division and timetables that cool  to do it.We can even do XtraMaths and Maths whizz it’s fun but sometime it get’s hard.
My favourite Inquiry is trade and enterprise.I like trade and enterprise because we get into our business groups and making our products. At the market day we get heaps of money from our teacher but not real money..


I feel really happy that I learn about everything that I never learn before.  

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Camp bentzon

Have you ever been to Kawau island before?well guess what the year 6 campers went to Kawau island it was so much fun over there.On the first day we went hiking ten seconds later everybody was so tired walking up the hill.

My favorite part is playing spotlight at night I was in the bush hiding.I got caught from Alfa’s dad at the bush.But I toke off two seconds later I got spot By John’s dad.Then when it was 9:30 we went to sleep ,In my cabin I got Chyrus,John amor,Chris,and Noah.At night we had marshmallow it was so sweet and soft.

Then on Thursday we went for a run up the hills.It was so hard but I jog the whole way then I made it.After that we had breakfast we have cereal and have hot choclate it was  yum.After that we went back to the deck to get ready to brush our teeth and wash our face then got change.In the afternoon Mr Jacobson said we would do jumping off the whraf it was so deep.Everybody at the pond saw a stingray they were all scared. At night we have dinner and dessert it is so delicious and yummy.

In the morning on Friday it was our last day of camp.The activities that we did is bush baseball,touch,volleyball,and swimming they were so fun.My favourtie part is playing bush baseball cause I got a home run.Then is was swap over I was back stop.After that we went to touch.Me John,Chris,Hosea,and Talita was doing all the playing.

After when we were done touch it was time to go back on the ferry boat to go home and saying goodbye to Erin and Tim.Mr Somerville said that we would see dolhins and killer whale.But he was lieing and I sang a song for him.’why you always lieing’.And everybody and even Mr Goodwin was laughing and the parents helper’s was laughing too.

When we got to sandspit we had 5 minute to have lunch.The lunch that we had was a lolly stick and a apple and sandwich.After our 5 minute up we went on the bus and went back when we were going I fell asleep the whole way back to school.
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