Thursday, 10 March 2016

FIA FIA 2016

This year is FIAFIA Che hoo! I'm am looking forward to do.and perform In front of 2000 people to watch.It going to be excited!it been 2 year's to do fiafia.I been training for 4 week.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Roi Real family

I look behind and there was a man called. Roi. On Wassabi production since he was a little boy as like a baby his parent gave him too.Alexander thunderstorm.Alex wonder who gave him the baby then since he grow older.Roi didn't know his real parents when he was a baby.before he went to high school he meet a boy called Junior people mocking because they called him black boy.Just after that Roi saw the bullied what they are doing to the kid.After that Roy didn't know?that was his brother Junior.Roi went to the teacher, Roy said to Junior,are you ok. Junior said yes i’m ok.Roi was very respectful and helpful.Junior was very lucky that the boys didn’t beat him up.
2.Junior and Roi was being friend’s that how they made Wassabi production.They were filming at Junior’s house they do silly stuff on Wassabi production,lego competition,did you slap me,Roi being rolanda,it’s a funny video EVER!.