Thursday, 27 November 2014

In the morning me and my dad went fishing on the boat on 8:00. When we got on the boat it was fun on the boat. I caught a big fish and it was a challenge because if someone caught a big fish they get 50 dollars. For a small one they get $10 dollars and for a tiny one $1 dollar. After fishing I had a shower. Then I went on my brother’s laptop and I played Track mania Forever. On Sunday we went to church and then I went to the shop with my dad and I got an ice cream.
Yesterday Mr J came in with some tools. We were making trees out of metal. It was fun.The first step we have to do is draw a tree and the second step is get a cutter and some wire. We have to measure some wire and cut it. When we finished cutting we asked Mr J to help us to twist the wire.We had to make roots for the tree to stand  and we have to twist the branches.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Mo and Angelica and Wesley should never torch the artwork.
2. Do not breath on the artwork. have to stay  1 meter away from the artwork.
4. you  always look   around
5. We have to be carefully all around the people
6. You must have a quiet voice.

Monday, 17 November 2014



On Friday we did Athletics. My team is Matatua.That is my best team in my life. I like the high jump. It is my favourite sport to do. I ran and I jumped high over the bar. I came second. After that we did running but I’m not allowed to run. If I run I cough hard out that’s why I have to watch. Our team teacher is Miss Lavakula. The other sport that I liked is the javelin throw with Mr Barks. If we get it straight that means it’s a good throw but if it lands flat on the ground it is not a good throw. The back of the javelin is heavy. After that I threw  it and then it landed straight ahead I had to stand at the cone. After we had finished the javelin we went to the tug of war. We had to get into our teams. Matatua vs Te Arawa and we lost. Then it was two on two. Matatua and Tainui vs Te Arawa and Takitimu. We won the match and that was the end.