Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Words problem

Our Visitor.

Today something happen when we were learning. We had a special visitor named Mr Patterson,he came last year for the year 8's and now this year he came for us for our education. Because this is our last year of intermediate and then we will be going off to high school which is college.

He talk about the Formula A+I=M which is A for Aspiration + I inspiration =  Motivation and the other things he showed us was if you do what you love,you'll never work a day in your life.  The other thing he showed us was Willie helping the Homeless man next to the dairy, Willie spend two weeks given him his launch and his money and now the homeless man got a job and a house.

Friday, 27 October 2017

What is an Orchestra

What is an Orchestra?
An Orchestra is a large group of people who play different kind of instruments.

What are the parts of an Orchestra?
The parts of Orchestra is Woodwind,Brass,Percussion, and Strings (Violin,Viola,Cello,and double bass).

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly      

Talofa lava and welcome to this writing about the assembly that Pt England school had. The theme we are doing is MUSICAL MADNESS!, One of the things I like about music is that it makes me sing,dance.go crazy,makes me feel tired,and peace. So our school have some talents about music, and some of our team are doing there own music,teaching students how to play instruments  so I will talk about the talents of our teachers has done for us.

One of my three teams I like is team 4,team 5, team 3. And one of my favourite song that was on team 4 for was "They see me rolling" and it was coming to the end they got to school having a Siva in the Taavale which means dancing in the car they stop turn to the left with a shock face and Mr Jacobson was in his van angry  but then he turn down his window and his music was better than team 4 teachers all the kids in the hall was shock about our Associate principal.

My second was team 5 which I am a year 8,They were funny Mr Wiseman the farther and Ms Tapuke as the wife there family is having a movie night so the movie the watch was The lion king it was so funny how the Rafiki a monkey friend of Mufasa hold Simba up and the song let it go I thought Rafiki was going to throw simba away like those vine then Mrs tele'a  said "no don't throw the baby away" that the funny bit.

Last but the best is team 3 when the clip started i thought it was going to be boring but then Mr Moran was sitting on the crouch with his laptop. one song I like was Lukas graham "7 years".  but then three teachers pop out the door  Ms Eadie,Ms King,Ms Davis. Asking each other what are they doing over the weekend. Then Mr Moran started an argument Against Ms Eadie then the song of Justin bieber "Sorry"  then everything got back to normal.  

Friday, 29 September 2017

2k17 Manaiakalani film festival Rm4

2k17 Manaiakalani film festival Rm 4

Hello and welcome and this is our Manaiakalani film festival and it was about tasting Chinese foods that we never tasted before. The first three people who was chosen was Rosalina,Lani,and Christopher I didn’t know how they go and I don’t know how many rounds are there.

And then me,Revival, and Charles got chosen to go second after Rosa,Lani,and Chris.The thing we have to follow is put the blindfold on and don’t take it off,but if you could see the food under the blindfold close your eyes. The first taste we had was a drink so I had a smell of it and it smell like bubblegum and when I drank it all it did taste like bubblegum.Second taste was something a bit different it was Taro jelly it was the weirdest food I ever tasted in my whole life.  

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Finding Floundering

Finding Flounder

This morning Wednesday the 27th of September at Pt England school we went down to a place could  Riki rd, the whole school went and it was cool. The year 1 went first so they were in the front and then the year 2 went then and went on and on and on and on until the year 7 & 8 turn to go and we were at the back. When we were walking there we have to get in partners I had no partner so then Mr Wiseman found a partner for me his named was Troy we talk while we walk until we got the Riki road. While the flounder team was using a giant net and buckets to get the flounders, Our school was singing a Waiata the songs we sang was Ko te Whaea,Whakata te hau,Ko te aroha.

After our waiata we did our karakia and then after our karakia our Mr Burt our Principal was talking about this other school who was floundering. They caught 4 flounders and we caught 20 but baby flounders. The school who caught 4 flounders was Kauri flats. The Giants actually works then I expected the reason why we are catching flounders is for them to have fresh water in our tank because our sea are dirty and people are throwing rubbish bag and plastic bags in there. So thats why we are catching flounders.