Friday, 29 May 2015

Wesley torty the lucky Tortoise

WALT: Read and understand new words.We are learning about torty the lucky Tortoise

Wesley Similes

Walt: Write simple and complex sentences using figure of speech:
Similes and Metaphors. We are learning about Similes.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

skating at rainbow lake

I am learning to find the hidden messages in the text

Answer the following questions:
1. What was dad trying to do before he hurt his ankle?
Dad was doing some sleing when he hurt his ankle
2. How were they going to get dad back to the truck?
they help him to put him on the sled
3. Describe what did Ben and Mitch use to make the sled
they need some plastic sled to get to the track.
4. What is the main idea in the story?
The main story is when is a team work.
Write a paragraph to explain what this story is about
(What happened in the beginning? What was the problem? What was the solution?)
This story is about a family that is help dad to get back to the track.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Wesley Synonyms 2

WALT: Read and find synonyms

Wesley little Adventure.

WALT: Read and find synonymsMay 17, 2015 2:56:02 PM.jpg

Answer the following questions:
  1. Explain what ‘hiking’ is A hiking is where people camping and they have a long walked in the bush.
  2. When hiking, explain why it is important to stay on the track? List 3 reasons because they might get lost and they have to together and stay close to abby because she know the way to get there  
  3. Why did the girls leave their banana peel by the trees?  
  4. Why did Lucy rush off into the bush?

Wesley taniwha trouble

WALT : Infer and interpret the hidden message in the story

Answer the following questions:
1. What is a taniwha?
A Taniwha is a boat and a sea monster
2. Explain why Mr Blackadder was good at his job
because he’s good at fixing stuff and he can whistle a ball and comes down.Of the roof.
3. Describe what it was like in the boiler room
it like a dungeon and the pipes is like a maze.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Wesley Personification

WALT: give objects living characteristics

Wesley chocolate game

WALT: Recount our experience of the Chocolate Game
p1 Have you played a chocolate game before? Well,guess what room 8 played a chocolate gamed with Miss Lavakula.When Miss Lavakula told room 8 reading group to sit in a circle she grape a chocolate and she put the plate on the floor with a knife and fork. She got 6 items to wear for the game.

p2 This is how you play a chocolate game you have to roll a dice if it get up to 6 you need to wear 6 items then when you're finished.You have to cut a chocolate and eat the chocolate is your to late to eat the chocolate if the other person got a 6 is their turn to get dress up. You have to give people some to rolled the dice unit it get to 6.

p3 I was ‘frustrated’ because I didn't get to eat the chocolate because people rolled a six.That sucks that I don’t get to eat the chocolate because of the people keep rolling a six.Unit when it was my turn to the when I rolled the dice I got a five then I gave Adrian a turn.  

p4. When I got a six I dashed and I was wearing a hat and a rabbit glass and the coconut cup. And unit Amethyst rolled a six then I have to take off the stuff that I was wearing.Then I was so disappointed that I don’t get to eat because it was saying ‘eat me eat me’.

p5.  When the game was finished I felt really excited that we played a chocolate games.It was so fun I wish we could played again.

Monday, 11 May 2015


Walt: know my times tables.
5 × 3 = 15
9 × 2 = 18
8 × 2 = 16
11 × 2 = 22
10 × 5 = 50
11 × 5 = 55
2 × 5 = 10
2 × 9 = 18
5 × 12 = 60
2 × 1 = 2
1 × 2 = 2
2 × 2 = 4
2 × 10 = 20
8 × 5 = 40
4 × 5 = 20
2 × 4 = 8
5 × 4 = 20
9 × 5 = 45
6 × 5 = 30
2 × 7 = 28

Wesley tinkering,tools and toys

Anzac day

File:Anzac memorial.JPG
File:ANZAC Day Dawn Service at

WALT: Read and explain what a Dawn Parade is

Answer the following questions:

1. Explain what a Dawn Parade is
it a parade that people died in world war one
2. Why are Dawn Parade’s important?
because people have to remember the who died  
3. List three things that take place and happen at the Dawn Parade

the memorial,solemn,karakia.
this is a Anzac day for people who died.

Nepal writing

WALT: Use interesting words to write simple and complex sentences

Build your sentences into a paragraph
Start your writing here: The last earthquake in Nepal 1934 It was a fine day  before the next  earthquake struck. Some people rushed onto the road and they huddled other  people were holding onto the gate because they were scared. When the ground broke some building broke into peace.

All of the people died when the earthquake was done 1000 of people were dead.And some people were missing and some needed rescuing and the nepal people had no food.Nepal people need some food and drink.

Wesley pirate one

A Barbary pirate, Pier

Answer the following questions:

WALT: Identify key words and main ideas in the text
1. Explain what ‘harbour’ means:
A harbour is a place where boats park.
2. List three things the children did to show they were pirates
they drew black moustaches and black rings and pipiana used some plasters.
3. Explain the importance of ‘life jackets’ on a boat
life jackets is very important because  if you don’t have a life jacket.And when fall you can drawn  
4. What did Pipiana do that was ‘going too far?’

because she was waving fish at the seagulls

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Wesley pirate crew

WALT: Identify key words and main ideas in the text

Wesley Nepal earthquake

Walt: Explain and describe the devastation that the earthquake in Nepal has caused
There was a powerful earthquake that struck the country. Nepalensis were expecting the bigger aftershocks.1000 of people were missing and some need rescuing.
People were searching through the rubble for and survivors.There was an outbreak of disease.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Anzac day in 1915 World War 1

WALT: explain and find the missing words for a paragraph about ANZAC
Fill in the missing spaces: